Rocky Mountain Whip Off

On Sunday at 3 p.m., the BYND highlight will take place with the “ROCKY MOUNTAIN Whip Offs.” Just above the BYND EPIC Festival Area, riders will take an in-run onto the massive Whip Off Kicker and show what it means to whip!

The reigning US-Whip-Off Champion Hayden Zablotny asks for a showdown of selected riders! There will be a women’s and a men’s classification. The winner will receive the first BYND Trophy in history and will subsequently be immortalized in the “Green Hall of Fame”! The two champions of the Rocky Mountain Whip-Off get to sit on the “Throne of Green Hill”.

If you feel ready to compete in this battle, you have a chance to win one of two wild cards each! Post until 01.08. your Whip-Off mix of 3 jumps on Instagram with #rockymountainwhipoff & #byndthehill. Freeride legend Thomas Vanderham and Hayden himself are the judges for the wild cards.

You can gain access to the Whip-Offs with a Festival Day Pass for Sunday or the EPIC Weekend Pass. Stay tuned for the first images and designs of the Trophy and Throne and to hear which riders are in the line-up.