THE PERFECT COMBINATION: Swatch Nines MTB 2023 at Green Hill Bike Park!

The acclaimed mountain bike event returns with a new venue from August 14-19, 2023. Mountain bike fans will mark this date thickly in their calendars: From August 14 to 19, 2023, the Swatch Nines MTB will celebrate its premiere at an exciting new location – the Green Hill Bikepark in Schmallenberg in North Rhine-Westphalia. Not enough good news, Green Hill Bikepark is not only providing the destination, but will host the Beyond the Hill Mountain Bike Festival in parallel on August 18-20, 2023, where the Swatch Nines will also be open to the public as the ultimate highlight. Friday and Saturday visitors to the festival can also experience the best athletes in the world on the futuristic Swatch Nines tracks.

With a new location partner and a new title sponsor, the Swatch Nines continue their year-long mission to take mountain biking to a new level in creativity and athleticism. Thanks to the support of Green Hill Bikepark, the event will feature the most innovative course ever seen at the Nines. With its slopestyle and freeride lines, it will be the playground of a star-studded field of competitors that includes top-notch riders from across the spectrum of mountain biking.

We are very excited about our new location partner and can’t wait to build a fantastic course with their help and expertise”, said Swatch Nines founder Nico Zacek. “At the same time, we look forward to welcoming top riders from around the world, with a special focus on female mountain bikers. After a year off, the Swatch Nines are back!”

Swatch Nines was founded as an antagonist to traditional competitions, a playground for athletes to develop in the safest and best possible way. All while being captured by the best filmers and photographers. Professional mountain bikers in the summer and skiers and snowboarders in the winter are part of Swatch Nines because of its unique format, paradigm-shifting venues and high-end media production.

The Nines 2023 stand for bigger, further and higher. In the winter event you could already see a whole new set-up with skate and snow park combined and massive obstacles on which first-class and especially massive action were guaranteed. The final set-up for the summer at Green Hill hasn’t been unveiled yet, but anyone who’s followed The Nines over the past few years knows that no normal park is likely to match it.

Some of the biggest names in the mountain bike scene have already confirmed their participation. Among them are stars like Sam Reynolds, the most successful German slopestyler Erik Fedko, YouTube star Sam Pilgrim and many more.