GTC / Terms of use

Please read the following terms of use and disclaimer carefully.


The “Beyond the Hill Mountainbike Festival” is a product of the “Green Hill Bikepark GmbH & Co KG”.

By signing this Agreement, you waive certain legal rights. Green Hill Bikepark GmbH & Co KG will not assume any liability for damages of any kind. This applies in particular to the use of the trails, regardless of their legal permission, condition and difficulty, as well as use of the lift system, for accidents of any kind, lost clothing and other items. Likewise for the duration of stay and injuries or losses of any kind during an event during the day and night. The use of the Bikepark specific offer is always at your own risk. Green Hill Bikepark GmbH & Co. KG assumes no liability for routes that are ridden on in an unauthorized condition or for areas that are not designated as accessible.


In this Release Agreement, the term “Bike Park” includes the use of the Green Hill Bike Park area and associated facilities such as lift equipment, guided rides, instructional courses, training, events, and rental items. As well as marks the organizer of the “Beyond the Hill Mountain Bike Festival”.


A) General

  1. The practice of mountain biking is associated with sport-specific dangers. The sport is practiced in the open air, so the conditions are constantly changing. In order to ensure an accident-free practice of sports and to avoid excessive stress on the natural environment, caution and consideration towards other users and nature are necessary.
  2. Users are responsible for having sufficient physical ability to perform this activity. Only persons who have the appropriate physical and mental conditions are authorized to use the Bike Park.
  3. By exercising in the great outdoors, it should be noted that changing environmental factors such as weather can alter conditions and track conditions. This is part of the sport. The user is required to assess this situation and judge it according to his own ability and skill.
  4. Riders are NOT allowed to use the trail and lift facilities under the influence of drugs or alcohol UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Green Hill Bikepark reserves the right to deny access to areas of the park to any rider believed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  5. Entering the festival area “Beyond The Hill” is not allowed without a valid ticket. Using and entering the park is only allowed with a valid lift ticket during opening hours. Using the park facility without a valid ticket is considered illegal. Consequences include: Parking citation, loss of insurance coverage, criminal charges.
  6. All users of the park and visitors to the festival, MUST sign and/or acknowledge this form prior to bike park use. Minors must have the agreement signed and/or acknowledged by their parents or legal guardians.
  7. Notice boards must be followed, as must instructions from on-site staff.
  8. Waste of any kind is to be taken away by the users. Any pollution of the Bikepark/Festival area and the surrounding nature is inadmissible.
  9. The use of the bike park and the lift system is exclusively at your own risk. The operator is neither liable for a certain condition of the plant, nor for a special protection of dangerous areas.
  10. The user acknowledges that motorized vehicles, especially agricultural and forestry vehicles, may use the facility.
  11. Green Hill Bikepark GmbH & Co. KG reserves the right to revoke usage permits and / or refuse entry for park users.
  12. The Bikepark reserves the right to revoke offers and products without justification.
  13. The offering of an event by third parties in any form whatsoever without express permission from us at Green Hill is not permitted.

B) Trail and route network

  1. Only the marked routes may be used in the Green Hill Bikepark. Out of consideration for nature and for safety reasons, driving on the site outside the marked areas is not permitted.
  2. Children under the age of 14 are only allowed to use the bike park and the bike trails when accompanied by an adult.
  3. Children/youth from 14 to 17 years old can use the bike park and the bike trails without adult accompaniment. The consent form signed by the parent or guardian must be independently submitted to the Bikepark staff BEFORE USING the Bikepark. (electronically, in writing or by purchasing a lift ticket).
  4. The use is allowed only with sports equipment in perfect condition. In the bike park there is an EXCLUSIVE obligation to help! The “Green Hill Bikepark GmbH & Co. KG” strongly recommends the use of a full-face helmet and additional protective equipment, which may include; knee and elbow protection, chest and back protection, gloves, goggles and neckbrace(neck protection). This also applies to the use of passenger transport by lift.
  5. Driving uphill and pushing uphill on the tracks is strictly prohibited!
  6. Driving on the bike trails with motorized vehicles is strictly prohibited and will be reported without exception.
  7. The bike park may only be ridden at a reasonable speed. The speed is to be adapted to the respective conditions and driving skills as well as traffic conditions.
  8. The habitat of wildlife shall be respected. This prohibits in particular driving on and entering marked protection zones.
  9. The use of the trails in the Green Hill Bikepark is, regardless of their legal authorization or condition ALWAYS at your own risk and responsibility.
  10. Before use, each person is obliged to check the intactness of the routes to be used.
  11. The user has to take care of sufficient insurance of the risks connected with the sport practice, especially against the risk of liability.

C) Lift operation

  1. The use of the lift is at your own risk.
  2. Neither for persons nor for property damage liability is assumed by the Bikepark.
  3. Children under 8 years of age should only use the lift system at the sole discretion of their parents.
  4. The user is required to obtain sufficient information on proper handling beforehand.
  5. The bicycle must be properly prepared in advance by the user.

D) Courses and events

  1. The Bikepark does not guarantee for further education and training success of the offered courses.
  2. During the courses the general terms and conditions apply.
  3. The safety instructions of the trainers must be followed.
  4. The bike park as well as the trainers assume no liability for personal injury and property damage.
  5. For events of third party suppliers or festival exhibitors, the Bikepark assumes no liability.

E) Right of withdrawal

  1. By § 312g para. 2 No. 9 BGB, a right of revocation is limited by the temporally determined offer in the festival.
  2. During the events there is no lift to be purchased by the public and use tickets for the lift operation.
  3. Time specific items/offers are excluded from the right of withdrawal.

F) Tickets

  1. The tickets will be issued after the online purchase by showing the order confirmation in the form of an Order ID or QR ticket at the entrance.
  2. Cancellation or exchange is not possible.
  3. For children under 10 years of age receive access authorization without purchasing a ticket. A valid identification document must be presented.
  4. Supervisory duties are to be observed and ensured as described.
  5. Young people are excluded from the evening event. Ticket purchase and entry under the age of 18 is not permitted.

G) Camping

  1. Camping pitches have the dimensions of 4 x 6 meters. The dimensions of the parking spaces are mandatory. If this is not the case, the purchase of another parking space is necessary. At least one person must refer to each pitch. (e.g. 2 pitches = 2 persons)
  2. Fire is not allowed on the advertised camping sectors, as well as in the whole area, neither closed nor open.
  3. The security and festival staff must be followed.
  4. On the camping sectors is to be observed from 0 o’clock strict night rest.
  5. The bike park and festival organizer assumes no liability for riding on the area.
  6. If the rules are not followed, the security and festival staff is authorized to issue an expulsion without refund.
  7. Any damage caused by the user will be prosecuted.
  8. Arrival time is 08/17/2023 from 5pm – 1am.
  9. Departure time is from 20.08., 17 o’clock – 21.08., 12 o’clock.


I agree to waive any claims and release the Green Hill Bikepark GmbH & Co KG as the operator of the Green Hill Bikepark, its legal representative, the Board of Directors, of any kind and any liability arising from loss, damage, expense or injury, including death, suffered by me as a result of staying at the Green Hill Bikepark for any reason, negligence, breach of contract or breach of statutory or other duty of care.

To protect myself from risks and dangers of using Green Hill Bikepark, I follow the Code of Conduct.

I have read and understood the General CONDITIONS OF USE of the Green Hill Bikepark.

Status 23.05.2023